Secrets come out?
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2005-06-27 03:38:17 (UTC)

day by day ...

Well.. Kasey done up and left again without tellin anyone..
and when she came back today i told her she had to leave by
tuesday if she didn't get a job.. i mean it kills me to
kick her out like that knowin she has no where to go but
everyone says i am too nice when it comes to that shit and
they are prolly right.. i have tried to give her chance
after chance.. but all i can think about is her out on the
streets doin drugs or somethin while her mama has custody
of her 6 month old baby boy.. MY GODSON... she really just
needs to straighten up and get a place and get her son
back . Jason called me from jail yesterday and then asked
me to be in court for him tomorrow and i told him i would
and i will do my best to ... but when he got off the phone
with me .. he told me he loved me . i was like
WHAAAAAATTTT??? i mean he has never said anything like that
to me ... i guess i was just shocked ... But michael is
comin over here tonite... wow i know... lol... he said he
would be here by twelve.. and so i figure he'll be here by
like 12:15 ... anyways.. i guess i just needed to update..
and i hope i keep hearin from y'all people that read this
stupid thing i call life.. TTYL ~~~~~~~