Cokepop for the Smartnessment
2005-06-27 01:56:09 (UTC)

Je suis TRES froid!

Yes I'm cold because I'm ever so smart and eating an ice
cream float. Way to make myself even colder. So anyways.
Tomorrow is my interview at Zellers. And I'm scared. But
kinda excited. I hope I get hired. Also I don't exactly
have anything extremely nice to wear. But I'll try to find
something decent.

So today. Well I was up late reading a book (I've read a
million Archie comics, ok well probably close to 10 or
more and also I think 2 other books so I'm well on my way
to reading over 50 books this summer. That's one of my
goals that's definately gonna happen.) and I didn't get to
bed until around 3. Hehe. So anyways I slept in till noon
but so did most of my family so that didn't even matter
too much. Then I had to get ready for my soccer game at 3.
We lost. Yes we lost our first ever league game. The other
team had 7 players and we had 10. Also nobody on my team
even cared about winning. Half of us probably didn't even
want to play. I know I didn't want to! That would be
because this morning when I woke up I didn't fell good. My
throat was really sore and my ears hurt and my head felt
funny. Whoot to that. Also half way through the game my
back started hurting so I really didn't care. My team's
going to provincials anyways and I'm not going so to me it
didn't matter one bit. Oh and yes Annette...I made my
decision and I decided that going on the Mountain trip
with Youth and white water rafting and all that good stuff
would probably be like a once in a lifetime experience so
why not? I can go to provincials any other year if I try
hard enough. Besides I've already been. So anyways. Yes we
lost like 6-2? Something like that. In the second half I
was put on forward because Jackie didn't like playing
forward and so yeah. For awhile it was all good playing
forward and then after a while I noticed that Katie always
seemed to be like right beisde me. Like a magnet or
something. And it was getting really annoying. So I was
like "ok either she really doesn't know what she's doing
or supposed to be playing or else she's forward and I'm
not..." So I was beginning to get really confused and then
I was like "Ok no. Carmen told me to be forward so that
means Katie's mid." So after awhile of me being stalked
around the field by Katie I just turned to her and
said "Do you want me to play mid???" because I was getting
really annoyed by this point and I would have done that
extra running to have my own little section of field
without one of my own teammates on me like the other team
usually is. So she said no but I ran back anyways. So I
was pretty much playing mid-forward because she wasn't
exactly running or doing anything. Actually at one point
she was running with the ball and she kicked it too far
ahead and the other team got it and she just stopped and
stood there and I was like "What are you doing!? Now I
have to go get that?" So yes that's a perfect example of
nobody on my team caring about whether we won or lost.
Except for Carmen. She definately cared. But so anyways.
After the game I came home. And watched TV. And then
Annette and Jacqui phoned and they were at the Mustard
Seed and I'm tres jealous but they probably went while I
was at soccer so I probably wouldn't have been able to go
anyways. But it still would have been fun. And they said
that there probably wasn't gonna be night church tonight
so I didn't go to that either. And so I started reading
another book. And ate food. And then came down here. And
so here I sit. Only soon I'm going to take off my
nailpolish on my hands and feet, have a shower, braid
my hair so it'll be crimpy for tomorrow and then give
myself a french manicure. And then laze around and read
some more or find something interesting on TV. And then
try really hard to get to bed at a decent time. Before
midnight that means. But right now Tucker, who's laying
behind me is shaking like a leaf. Maybe it's gonna storm?
Lets go see...

Ok well I went upstairs to see if I could hear thunder or
if it was raining and it was definately neither. So I went
out onto the deck and it didn't really smell like rain or
anything. It doesn't even really look like its gonna rain
but it might. It mostly smellt like flowers and stuff but
there is a possibility of rain. We'll see what happens.
But I'm gonna go now.

Later! Nicole

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