Elizabeth M.
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2005-06-27 01:35:10 (UTC)

The movies

So, I went to the movies at arundle mills today w/Amanda
and Kate. We saw " Land of the dead". SOOOOOOOOO stupid,
dont even waste your money on it. I picked another stupid
movie, THe last one I picked was that Rob Zombie movie.But
it got great revues. So as we were leaving I notice that
someone left a purse so I gave it to one of the ushers.
Then I had an Idea, I told kate that I was sorry about the
movie and lets go to another one, I said" look we can go
into that one, no one is checking. So she said lets go, I
started to giggle as I always do. She didnt think that I
would do it. So we all went to,...to see hurbe and said
that I didnt want to see a stupid movie like that. So we
wonder to the other side of the theaters, I saw that MR and
Mrs Smith was playing in 10 mins, WE all pretended like we
just got our movie tickets and got in line for popcorn and
walked into the theater, now that movie was good, I looked
at kate during the movie and asked what movie did we want
to see next and giggled, We found out threw Amandas phone
that it would in 2 hrs before the next showing of any movie
so we all decided to to back home. Before we went into the
theaters, I decided that I wanted to go into FYE to look at
new cd's, You can listen to the songs on the cd's before
you buy them, Seether has a new one out and it sounded
pretty cool, so I'll buy it some time this week. Seeing 2
movies for the price of 1 at $7.00. I know that I shouldnt
of but I couldnt help it. So for one I did the wrong thing
and got away with it, I mean no one got hurt or anything
and look at it this way, do the theaters have to charge $15
for 1 damn movie and we even went to an early showing at