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2005-06-26 23:11:04 (UTC)


well ive made it past the most critical stage in my
pregnancy wooooohooooo chances of miscarrying has dropped
now im in my second trimester:) i had a sonagram last week
baby looks good n healthy getting big too lol got some new
pics of her too looks like shes sucking her thumb in the
one lol. wont find out for sure if its a boy or girl fr a
few more weeks but i think im having a girl though im not
positive yet lol henrys been soooo different since i got
pregnant but different in good way hes attentive n always
worryin bout me n baby. now to get my tooth problems
settled i have a root canal on july 8th soooo not lookin
forward to it but know it needs done asap well thats all
for now hopefully ill get to talk to my dear brother
sometime soon i miss him :( ill write back soon.

xoxoxo Mindi

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