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2005-06-26 18:45:24 (UTC)

Yesterday Shtuff

Yesterday, I was out with my dad getting dinner and
looking to see if there were any movies to rent. While we
were driving these two birds swooped down from a tree and
hit our car. It was weird. I could see them coming, they
were chasing each other and they just both were heading
downwards. I was gonna warn my dad but it seemed
inevitable that no matter what dad did they would still
hit our car. It was sad because they both died. One minute
they had life...the next they were lifeless. It's amazing
how delicate their bodies are...and ours. It wasn't much
of a big thing really since stuff like that happens all
the time...but I never really seen it happen before. It
probably would have scarred me if I was with Max when she
hit those two deer...
Well, that's pretty much the only thing I wanted to bring
up. Nothing new has been happening to me really. I've been
drawing like crazy. Heh, it's like my passion. It's the
first thing I think of when I wake up...I hope that
doesn't sound pathetic, lol. ^-^

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