Master's bliss

Master's bliss
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2005-06-26 18:43:26 (UTC)

The imperfect slave trying to be perfect

Dearest Master,

The heat and humidity have returned. Here this slave sits
in a tank top and shorts, sweating like crazy. this slave
really hates humidity. You like this slave's hair long, but
on days like this, she almost wishes she was shaved bald!
Enough complaining about the weather!

Last night was very, very nice. this slave joined You
shortly after writing in her journal, and discovered that
her timing was still off. she had taken way too much time
preparing herself for You. she is very sorry. You were not
angry with her, and did not punish her, but she felt really
bad because she knew there were things that You had wanted
to do that W/we would not be able to do. this slave is so
sorry, Master. she just wants to be perfect for You, and
then ends up taking too much time. she will do better,
Master. What really held her up was all the household
chores she had to take care of before she could get herself
ready for You. From now on, she will just bare the heat and
take care of those things earlier in the day.

You only gave this slave about 3 strokes with the "cane"
last night because her bottom was a little too sensitive
last night. You wondered why, but this slave thinks she
knows. You gave her bottom quite a beating on Thursday
night, and Friday night she received 3 punishment strokes,
as well as a good flogging with the riding crop, so she
thinks that her butt just might need a day or two to heal.
You mentioned this morning that this slave's bottom still
has some really good marks on it. this slave's butt does
not really hurt right now, so maybe tonight she can take
another real beating. Part of her sensitivity could be
attributed to the fact that she was feeling bad about
keeping You waiting, and she was viewing the 3 strokes as
punishment, even though You were not intending them as such.

You and this slave spent some time looking at internet pics
while stroking O/ourselves. At first, this slave was
feeling out of it, and not really interested in the pics You
were looking at. Then, You logged onto SlaveFarm, and this
slave started to perk up. It was exciting to this slave to
see pics of other willing female slaves, such as herself, in
various states of bondage and punishment. this slave liked
it a lot. You and this slave discussed uploading some pics
of her well punished bottom on this site, as well as taking
some new shots of her sucking Your cock, in a hog-tie, and
other forms of bondage. the thought of this excited this
slave very much. she loves the idea of having her image,
disguised of course, on the internet for anyone to see.
W/we would definitely make sure that this slave's face is
not recognizable, but just knowing that it's out there is
very exciting to this slave. she hopes that W/we can do it
soon. she thinks You love the thought of showing off Your
slave too.

After looking at pics for a while, You decided that W/we
should spend some time T/together. Instead of U/us getting
into Your bed, You had this slave sit in her chair, with her
foot propped up on Your chair and the other propped on the
bed. It took a few tries to get the right position, but
once this slave got it right, You had her lube up her
fingers and stroke her clit so You could watch. she sat
with her butt on the edge of the chair, and her left leg
bent, but her right leg outstretched on Your bed. You laid
back on Your bed and stroked Your cock while You appreciated
this slave's masturbation scene. You spoke to this slave
while jacking Yourself off, talking of things You like to do
to this slave, and the things You like this slave to do to
You. It was very sexy and very exciting, and before long
You had this slave begging to cum. You gave her permission,
and she began to stroke herself faster and harder to reach
her orgasm. Then, just as she was on the brink, she got a
cramp in her left hip. It hurt bad. Not to be denied, she
stretched out her leg and kept stroking. The cramp did not
subside, so she put her leg down and rested her foot on the
floor, all without missing a stroke against her clit. This
action finally helped the cramp to ease, so this slave
focused back on her clit so she could finally achieve her
climax. Once her body began to twitch, and her pussy began
to convulse, she was able to put her foot back up on the
chair and share her orgasm with You. she came multiple
times, too many to count. Finally, this slave's poor little
clit could take no more, and she had to stop. this slave's
mind still wanted more, but her body was spent. The show
she put on was exciting for You as well. You ended up
cumming all over Your belly.

When W/we were done, this slave knelt beside Your bed and
placed her head on Your stomach. You stroked this slave's
hair and told her to make up her bed on the floor. she
complied, and laid down on the floor beside You to spend the
night. It took a few trips to the window to adjust the fan,
and to extinguish all the lights in the room, but finally,
this slave was ready for sleep. W/we watched tv for a
little while, but then You turned it off and W/we lay alone
in the darkness. W/we tried to talk, but due to the sound
of the fan and the fact that she was on the floor beneath
You, You could not hear this slave's voice. W/we finally
said good night and went to sleep. You did wake this slave
at some point during the early morning hours, and had her
kneel beside Your bed and lick Your balls. While this slave
licked Your balls, You jacked Yourself off and then sent her
back to her bed on the floor. this slave didn't mind. It
was a warm night, and she knew that You would be more
comfortable on Your bed all alone. this slave was fine on
the floor.

this slave got up this morning, needing to pee very badly.
she got up, and You told her to come back once she finished
peeing. she did, and You invited her into Your bed to
stroke Your balls and legs while You jacked off. Then W/we
held E/each O/other for a few minutes, then got up to start
O/our day.

W/we are back on O/our diet, and it's working. this slave
has lost 5.5 pounds since Friday, and You have lost 7 since
Tuesday. W/we are on the right track and W/we are B/both
determined to stay on it.

Well, this slave has clothes to fold and other laundry to
take care of. she has in interview tomorrow, and it's a job
that she is really interested in. she hopes it pays well,
and that they understand that she is the perfect candidate!

this slave must sign off for now. this slave is Your
loving, loyal, and devoted slave-pet,