slave jess

Journal of Joels slave
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2005-06-26 17:22:25 (UTC)

here for you my sweet slave

Dear slave jessica,
Yes we have so much to talk about and yes we need, to
chat, talk and yes a session is long over due.
Was at some friends for dinner tonight when got your page
tonight my saturday about9 or so, now 12:15 so about
5:15pm your time on sunday. I am hoping you will log on
before dinner to see if I am on waiting to chat.

Maybe your taking as nap, or more likely doing laundry. If
so I understand and am happy if your getting much needed

I agree we need to bring more structure to times we can
chat, and talk. I know not easy and more my fault than

I see I need to be firmer on sleep issue, start some rules
for my slave on her sleeping, or lack of it.

The darkness post has me worried some, know better when we
can chat or talk on the phone. You do give me so much and
we need to work on doing what you need for your self.
I know it will be easier when your here.....wish you were
here in my arms.

I will be free all day tommorrow for you, don't know if
you will take day off or be busy catching up on books at

I do order you to take care of self better on sleep and to
chat or talk with me on darkness. I am proud to be your
Master but
also want to be light to lift you from your darkness.

I love you so much, I crave you, miss chatting and talking
with make my life so complete and bring so
much joy to me.
I will chat with you soon,
All of my love,
Master Joel

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