Lunactic Scriptures
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2005-06-26 03:26:40 (UTC)

* POOF *

hey gang. -whistles-

sooooo....i dunno.
i'm just messin around here. i'm kinda tired, but i'm
feeling good. [shocking, aint it?] hope it lasts for a

i think i'm fallin for this one girl. i dunno. i'll let ya
know what happens. :P

i just had some YUMMY cake! like it was REALLY good!!! :)

imma lil bit tired...actually think i'll head to bed soon
even though it's 8:23. mmmm....

LOL. I Got It! I'm suffering from Langstroms Virus! :)
Thas right! lol. to any Red Dwarf fans out there, ya know
what i'm talkin bout! ^_^

thanks Allmighty One. for like everything i guess...