Helpless mosochistic love
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2005-06-26 03:08:19 (UTC)

Just another poem

Leaning on this cold wall
Brick and stone.
How I wish I were that wall.
Atleast its not frail and weak.
Cold tears pour out of me
Just like my hot blood.
I cant believe I did this.
I cant believe im still alive.
I can hardly breath now.
I tried not too.
Please, I really did.
I tried, I cried.
Please forgive me.
I just dont want to die.
The knife was to welcomeing.
The blade, the sharpest I've ever seen.
I'm sorry my friends
Im not alive.
I'm breaking down again.
I want to leave.
I want to go home.
I miss you all.
And Its sucking my life away.

GG, Missy, I miss you, Love you. I want to go Home.
Please before I do more than cut myself. Please forgive
me I really tried not too.It was just too hard. Please GG
Missy someone, anyone call me, talk too me. Tell me
im still alive. I wasnt in my right mind. Wisconsin is so
lonely. I dont want too stay here. Its hardly been a week.
I Love you guys. God, what will Brandon think? Once he
hears he'll probably wanna kill me. I wish He would
call. He doesnt call much. How I miss his voice. I miss