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2005-06-26 00:17:59 (UTC)

My Fathers 43 Birthday

So yesterday I of course slept in and then I went to the
mall with Chelsea and Michelle Rewcastle. Then I walked
home and I got home like 5 mins before I had to leave for
babysitting so I was thinking ok then no supper. But then
my aunt phoned and said she'd pick me up at 5:30 because
she was running late and then we were going to pick up
McDonalds for supper so that's all good.

So her and the kids picked me up and we went through the
McDonalds express drivethru and Adam was working and I
started laughing and he was like "oh stop laughing" and it
was so funny. Also I got the last blueberry muffin. Whoot!
Then we went back to my aunts house (I LOVE her new house!
lol it makes me think of a cute little summer cottage, all
nice and cozy.) and ate and Brayden and Taylor got these
shark watergun thingers in their happy meals and so after
we were done eating we went out into the backyard and had
a water fight and then we played catch with a ball. Man do
they ever talk alot. Haha they never seem to run out of
things to say. Wheew. Then after awhile of being inside we
went inside and I got them out of their bathing suits and
into pj's and then we went in the basement and did a
puzzle then it was time for bed. Man oh man were they ever
hard to get to bed. They were waaay too hyper. But I got
them to brush their teeth and stuff and then they wanted
to hear the story of Noah and the Ark because Bray had a
tattoo of it on his arm. So I told them it the best I
could and I told them that next time I came I'd bring my
book (I have a book about Noah and the Ark from when I was
little) and read it to them so they could see the
pictures. So then they went to bed and I got to watch TV
and eat food. lol. I watched The Simpsons, Gilmore Girls,
Family Guy, some of The Tonight Show with Jay somebody and
then I saw a bit of Fear Factor and then my Aunt came home
at 12:30. I got $40! So I'm excited because now I have

Oh and also 'Please Mum' phoned for me while I was
babysitting and as me and the kids were eating supper my
mom phoned to tell me. So I had to phone back once the
kids were in bed only nobody answered so I left a message.
Man oh man. And also on Monday I have my interview with
Zellers. I'm quite scared.

Ok so now about today. Well it was my daddy's birthday and
I was the firstest person to wish him a happy birthday at
like 12:45 this morning. Boo yeah! haha. So anyways I
definately slept in and then I had a shower and got
dressed and then a while after that me and my dad went to
the library and he got a dvd and I got books and I got to
drive there! Even though it was raining! So that was
exciting. And I parked really really straight and so I was
pretty proud. Hmm then after we got home my grandparents
came over for cake (yes cake before
interesting) and now my family is ordering blechy Chinese
food (I HATE Chinese food!) so I might not eat. I want a
salad. But I kinda wanted to go out for dinner. Or
atleasted so SOMETHING tonight. I could even go see a
movie. Only no. Because its my dad's b-day. So I'm
probably gonna end up sitting at home all night. Maybe on
the stupid computer all night! Who knows. How thrilling.
Anyways. I was gonna maybe go to a bush party with Chelsea
and Kayla Bilsburrow tonight only well its been raining
almost all day and it's still raining so definately not.
Besides I probably wouldn't have been able to go anyways's my dad's birthday. So whoot. Kinda a dull

Tomorrow I have a soccer game. And then I was thinking
about trying to go to MP Church tomorrow night with the
gang (yes my church group is officially called the gang).
So I dunno. We'll see what happens. Lucky ol' Annette gets
to go to BBR soon! Je suis tres jealous! Argh!

I'm thinking its about time to try to put some of my
summer goals into effect...

Anyways I'm out for now. Later y'all!


P.S.- I still miss Mexico and California a great deal. And
I still wish I was there. Honestly, I'd live in that tent
and go for weeks without a shower just to still be there
with everybody else. I didn't wanna come home and I'd
still rather even be on that bus forever if it meant
staying with everybody else. pathetic am I?

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