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2005-06-25 21:03:37 (UTC)

My life is a sticom

Ok so when i refer to my life being like Will & Grace I am
in part generally kidding around.

Mainly because I have an awful memory and can not recall
all of the sitcom situations ... or at least I think thats

Anyways back to the point at hand!

In the past I have noticed that situations in the show
mirror my life situations with my little Will pretty darn
close. Almost creepy close with just a few specific
differences here and there. From the way we met to the
fights we have and the way we play off of each other. Even
for a long time down to the personalities of the characters
on the show.

The stranger part that I have noticed is this. It started
out that they would write shows based on things that had
already happened between me and my pal. However as of about
a year ago I noticed that the show was actually writting
things that had not happened until after the show was done.

Now don't get me wrong it's not like we watch the show and
then relive it in our day to day lives. We are strange but
not that strange OK! We actually missed about 1 1/2 seasons
of the show and went back alomost a year later to watch the.

That's when I noticed it... that my life had been preplyed
out ont his freaky show... and it happened to me again last

There is this time period on the show when Grace is dating
Leo her soon to be husband, however it is right at the same
time that her and Will decided to have a baby together. So
she decides to not have the artificial insemination until
she knows where the Leo thing is going to go and Will
looses his mind.
They stop talking and living together and Jack and
Karen have to lock them in a bouncy ball kid thing until
they finally mack up at the end.... only once Will admits
that he is scared that he needs Grace more then she needs

Well that was kind of what happened with me and my Will
except that there was no baby being planned, he already had
a boyfriend and we almost stopped living together.

All in all it came down to the same issue though and they
handled it pretty much the same way.

Just think it is weird that a group of writters can get it
so close.

Must be Psychic

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