Torrance the Vamp

The Vamp's Mind
2005-06-25 20:34:17 (UTC)

I'm starting to miss people

Well everything is boring. I haven't been waking up to my
alarm clock for the last 3 days. It's weird. I have my
permit though which is good. I went for a drive around the
block and I suck. It's kinda scary. My mom's car is
extremely sensitive to everything you do. Anyways. Yeah.
So how are you?

I can't wake up before 8 anymore and the only reason I
woke up at 8 is because my mom woke me up. What is still
up with me?

I wanna go to cross country. Steven hasn't gone at all.
Grr. And Laura hasn't wasn't there on thursday. And I
haven't seen Trevor in a while so I am starting to miss

Thought of the Day:

I wonder what Trevor is up to.