1000 Pieces of My Life
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2005-06-25 20:13:08 (UTC)

Does any1 actually read these things???


Why such sadness?
Everything is going wrong.
Why me you think.
What did I do to deserve this?

Why do people hate me?
Where has everything in my life gone?
The stuff I loved,
And that I cared for.
Why is it gone?

Is there a god?
If so, what did I do to deserve this?
Is it that cookie that I stole from the jar at age 6?
Is it the time I threw a snowball,
When I knew I wasn’t supposed to?

Maybe it’s those memories.
The memories that haunt you.
The ones you wish you forgot.
Why am I now being punished?
Wasn’t I punished then,
Or was that not enough.

Should I run?
Runaway from all this mess?
Should I face it and take what I deserve?
Did I deserve this?
I’ll run away from what happened.
Leave everything behind.
Start a new life.

Then you remember.
The ones that you love.
I can’t run away.
What would they think?
Would I ever see them again?

Then you ask yourself,
Can I ever get over this?
Will I ever be happy again?
Will I?

Will I ever be able to look at the people?
The people that I see everyday?
The ones that love and care for me?
I will not.
I cannot.