Kendra Adams

Once upon a Sunrise
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2005-06-25 20:00:13 (UTC)

Give love a rest**song**

You left me here to cry
You left me here to die
You left me here to try
You left me BROKEN

Yu left me here to rot
To take the last shot
You made it what’s not
You left me STRANDED
You always said that it’ll be okay
You always said don’t be afraid
You always said that you’d never leave
You said you’d never make a fool of me
But you left, and I cried
I was a mess and just about died
But it’s okay now, you screwed up somehow
You don’t know me anymore
I guess that’s what love is for

You said you’d die for me
You said that you want to be like me
Patient, Kind, Willing to See
That the world is also FAKE

You were the boy I cared about
You are the man that grew up
You had me all figured out
But you left me BROKEN
Again I feel the pain of your loss
Again I can’t hold you tonight
Again I feel like I’m your Holy Cross
Again It’s time to put up a fight
Yeah, it’s time to be crushed
It’s time to be useless
It’s time to settle down
It’s time to give love a rest

Kendra Adams…June 25, 2005