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2005-06-25 23:21:15 (UTC)

sub diary 25-06-05


i wrote this diary entry but before i could submit it, i
got booted by my ISP. GRRRRRRR. try again.

the week end is upon me and i am tired. i hope i can get
some catch up sleep as right now i feel exhausted. the past
week has been so demanding on me with the guys all being
sick and needing added attention. they all seem to be on
the road to recovery now.

i have staff off as well so i have had to be actively
working in the store and having to put my bookwork on hold
for now. some time over the next few days i will have to
get it done as next week is end of financial year. a very
busy time for me. some times i wish i could shut out the
world so i have time to be just me.

i am missing Master so much as it seems as if it has been
forever since Wwe have been able to have a training sesion
and even longer since Wwe have been able to speak on the
phone to each other. i am sure with a little bit of careful
planning this will be remedied soon.

it is late here and i have just come home from a 50th
birthday party for the mother of a friend. it was a good
night, nice food and atmosphere. i couldnt relax all that
well as my mind was spinning with thought of what i should
be doing instead of being at a party.

i am off to bed but before retiring i have my satisfying
rituals to do. my special time for Master & me.

Master i love You,
slave jess {MJ}

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