Loser In The Making
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2005-06-25 05:51:24 (UTC)

life suckz

theres no reason to live i swear. i mean. why live if youre
just gonna die? lifes so boring. and theres no point in it.
im not happy. most the people i know arent happy. so why
were we put on this earth if life sucks so bad? why were we
born if all was gonna happen to us is we die? i seriously
dont get any of it at all! life sucks ass. you never get
what you want, and IF you do, it gets taken from you right
away! one second you think life is fucking great.. then the
next. everything fucking sucks. i just dont get it. please
explain to me! why were we put on this fucking hell hole
just to die?! WHY?! i seriously want to know! why! tell me!

Your In Tears Boo.

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