Lunactic Scriptures
2005-06-25 01:30:30 (UTC)

Jessica Renee Hoskins

-sip- ahh...milk.

so i'm heading back to community college for the summer
untill i go back to CWU this fall. :-|

yes you heard right, i'm going back too college. All my
friends ask me why since they know i hate it...i just tell
them it's cuz i've got nothing else going left for me. so
yea. whoopie for me.

hear about that south St. Louis exploision? hope nobody
got hurt. (my hand smells bad. imma wash them. be right

-2.36 minutes later-

okay i'm back. hands smell like dishwashing soap now.

I miss being together with Jessica. It was nice having
somebody too call your own. Funny how even though we never
met up we got so close too each other. I remember laying
in bed or sittin in the hallway at college talking about
nothing or not even talking for hours yet we still enjoyed
the time we were sharing. -laughs at a memory- god. man
that was nice just tryin too fall asleep before the phone
battery died. She sounds like an angel when she sleeps. I
really hope she's doing well and that her and her new
boyfriend are well off. Even though i may never see or
hear from her again, I'll always have a place for her
inside me. Take care.