Kendra Adams

Once upon a Sunrise
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2005-06-25 00:27:32 (UTC)

Run with Grace**poem**

Open up your eyes And run beside The wind
Open up your heart Begin at start and become a part
Of a changing experience.
Open up your mind and let God find the light that shines
On each and every one of us
Clear your mind, run with grace, run with the wind under
your wings

Run with Grace, they say. Run with grace is what we pray
Up in Heaven there is a Grace. Run with Grace and see her
Run like Grace. Run with grace. Be with grace.
Be embraced, feel embraced, you are embraced by grace
God’s grace
Our Grace

Leap over the hill with such swift movement
Creep over the Mountain with such a smooth glide
Feel the wind as you spread your wings and fly
Feel the grace of god inside

Run with grace, Run with God.
Feel it as you win the race.
The air through your wings
The birds that do sing
Hear the chorus of voices that love you
That tells you to run with Grace.
Feel the hand of god guiding you
Over the bumps so you don’t fall on your face
Run with Grace, up in Heaven
Run with grace down here below
Run with the wind in your face
Run with us Grace, here below

Kendra Adams... June 24, 2005

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