Diana's Online Diary
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2005-06-24 17:13:18 (UTC)

Friday afternoon

Hello, it's finally Friday. I haven't written in a long
time... MySpace had kind of taken over. You know,
Blogging has become the new craze. But this is a nice
place to go when I wanna write something not for the whole
world, but just to myself, (yet still accessable to Kevin
T.) haha because no one reads this but him. Which is
probably good because if Nick read it he might be mad, lol
oh well.

I had so much fun Monday night. Megan from Newman got to
meet Frank, Holly, and Nick. We all went to Applebees on
the pike and just hung out, ate, and drank. Holly said
she didn't like Jeff's new haircut. I said it looked much
better than before because it used to be long and looked
greasy. Holly said, "Oh see, I don't mind greasy hair."
So I said, "Well that's just because you're used to
Frank." It was funny, everyone laughed. That's the kind
of night we had, back and forth teasing and joking. It
was great. I had made so much progress the week before,
not thinking about Nick, and more importantly... not being
upset about him. But all it took was that one hour he was
with me to bring it all back. I feel like the closer we
get, the more I miss him. So things sucked again... Wed
was his 6 month anniversary with Angela... and then he
called me Thurs morning to say hello. I need to get out
of this horrible cycle which prevents me from being happy.

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