slave jess

Journal of Joels slave
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2005-06-24 22:05:17 (UTC)

sub diary 24-06-05


i can believe i am still well when everyone around me is
getting sick. i am so tired though. i am running on a
limited staff now as my girls are also battling sickness,
if not themselves, their families. one of the problems
with employing mothers with small children. dont
misunderstand me at all as i find mothers to be better
workers as i know they really need the money so are more

i was unable to make contact with Master today at all. i am
now feeling sad. Master still has relatives to visit, work
and after work committments to keep him busy. after work i
had time to think of Master and to wonder what He maybe
doing right now.

it is friday night here and i was invited to go ten pin
bowling with the guys but i just wanted to sit bk &
vegetate in front of the t v for a while before having a
nice deep bath then retiring to my bed with a book. the
weather has turned quite cool now so i am thinking of
getting an electic blanket or even like grandma does using
a hotwater bottle for my feet.

the problem with our hotwater has been resolved for now.
thank heavens.

take care Master
i love You Master
slave jess {MJ}

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