slave jess

Journal of Joels slave
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2005-06-24 21:57:33 (UTC)

sub diary 23-06-05


sickness is all around still, but i am surviving. i am
spending alot of time making sure my roomies are look
after. it was a short day at work today so i was able to
come home and pamper myself which i have been neglecting a
bit. i ran a hot bath, lazed in it, read, did my hair
removal, thought of Master. i had paged Master earlier in
the day to seek permission to put out the fire that was
burning in me. i wrongly assumed that Master would try to
ring me with His answer but He had actually emailed me a
reply. i didnt check my mail before tking my bath so my
actions on the bath only fanned the flames a little. after
getting out of the bath i wrapped myself in a robe then
decided to email Master. He came online before i had
finished it. Wwe chatted for a short while before i had to
do something and He had to go out for a while.

When Master returned Wwe again chatted for a while but i
was feeling the cold here. the hot water system had died on
us here so we had no hotwater. even though i had a bath in
the afternoon, i still like to shower before bed. the guys
fel better having a hot shower too so i will hve to sort
this out tomorrow. another job to do. how many hours are
there in a day??? Master & i talked for a while before it
was definately time for His bed. He gave me permission to
cum quietly before i slept tonight. i am to write letters
to Master with details.

i love You Master,
slave jess {MJ}

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