Fallen Angel with no Heart

An angel's life
2005-06-24 08:50:18 (UTC)

Wake me up

Ive downloaded bout 20 funeral for a friend songs.. my
favourite is drive, from there new album, i mean its not
like heavy or antyhing, not any screaming or proper heavy
guitar, and i always think its good en bands like them
dont do that for at least just one song. I reali like it.
I suggest everyone to download it, the lyrics are simple,
but meaningful, if u understand them,
Drive- Funeral for a friend
The end of nothing- Funer for a fried
Hospitaility - funeral for a friend.

I gotr badly sun burnt yesterday, like proper proper bad,
im reali hurting, last nite i didnt get much sleep. Last
nite i was txting a friend of mine, he said he fancied me,
and that he always sees me out, but neva gets the courage
to come and talk to me, only if he is with his mates, (
who i h8) but thats not the point. I wish people didint,
its flattering and all, but i dnt knw who i want.... i dnt
even knw who i am anymore. Yesterday at the beach, was
great, aboustley great. Me and alex talked for a while on
the beach, he came to the park and saw me. I didnt think
he would have, but he did, he was nagry yet i noticed he
neva took his eyes off me unless i wasnt speakin, it was
lke he breathed in every word i said, eventhough reali i
wasnt saying much that reali talked bout us,. the us that
we once were.
Jamie totally blanked me last nite, totally and utterly,
speaking to everyone but me, i mean he said some stuff to
me, but im sure it was only 10 words, and thats it. How
come boys can b bastards? can anyone plz answer that for
me? one mintue this guytalks bout how much he likes me,
then he talks bout how much he doesnt wanna dicuss 'us'
caue he says we barely knw each other, did i eva said
that we didnt? did i say i wanted to go out wit him? emmm
NO! god... plz someone tell me.. what should i do?