Nick's Journal
2005-06-24 04:01:17 (UTC)

From 2 weeks to 2 minutes

please tell me that that wasn't a tear on ben wallace's
cheek. let the whoring begin. of course the spurs deserved
the title. shit they are and always have been the team that
earned it the entire season.
i saw michael jordan's shot in 98' against the jazz, and
without a doubt that has been the most definitive sports
moment in my life. yet this "boring" final series has
culminated exactly as i had hoped it would. bowen blocked
billups (great alliteration allowed). ginobili laid it up,
and no-one can talk shit about duncan. he nailed his free
throws. i have never been so happy for a team i have rooted
so validly against. i am damn glad that duncan has one this
championship and i am damn glad that the pistons have put up
such a valient attempt.
i mean i know i'm not a "true" fan, because no true fan
would ever think his team's loss was ever a valiant attempt.
yet here the pistons were and they cared, they gave a shit
(hear me page 2 of espn?). they actually seemed to care
that they had lost the game, when that bogus out of bounds
call was placed in favor of the spurs they were vehement.
moreover they stood by larry brown.
let me tell you why i liked the pistons more than the spurs.
it has nothing to do with geogrpahical deference, it has
nothing to do with style, or outstanding defense. i liked
the pistons cos they talked shit, backed it up, and backed
each other up.
you knock one of their guys down they would crucify you on
the way to the rim. there was no wishy-washy admiration,
just whole-hearted camarderie.
well even if they have lost i respect them. but i am damn
happy for tim duncan.