Nick's Journal
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2005-06-24 03:35:42 (UTC)

Two Weeks

wow, it's been two weeks since i've written an entry. i
tell you it just hasn't been the same. i remember the days
when i couldn't go a business information technology period
without writing a jouranl entry, yet here i am neglecting my
outlet. i guess one thing i have to talk about is the nba
finals. you know, i damn well wish that i woudl bet. i
called out the dolphins beating the patriots (see a previous
entry) and i called thisthing going to game 7 with the
pistons winning (mainly cos i like them more). yet i look
at tim duncan and just want the spurs to win because he
looks so fucking sad all the fucking time.
so here i am with the spurs maintaing a 3 point lead with 6
mins left and all i can think about is how it will be a
great ending. and now i think of the writers on espn page
2. even though i have been caught up in my job and studying
for the lsat and applying to law school and everything else
that comes up in "real" life, i have had at least enough
time to read other people's opinions.
now here is something you should know about me. i hate
reading other peoples shit. i hate stand-up comedians (i
never think they are funny). and i hate having anyone tell
me that i should either listen to a stand-up or read a column.
this being said i am addicted to bill simmons "the sports
guy" and scoop jackson, on espn's page 2.
whoop game back on. hold on.
bill simmons is hilarious, and actually quite good at what
he does. sure he gets tedious when he goes into the whole,
"underrated" skit for the 20th fucking time, but give him a
break, he has to write 1700 words a night.
then there is scoop jackson, i dont' know why i like his
column. he's the prime example of taking "write how you
talk, to an extemporaneous level". he writes in ebonics,
and let me tell you...there is nothing that sounds dumber
than ebonics in print. you can just tell that he takes a
conversation, translates it into real english, then
re-translates it into ebonics to sound like he hasn't lost
his "grounding". either way, the two writers are great and
i love reading their shit.
so just read them from now on cos i'm not half as dedicated
as they are.