Flying on broken wings
2005-06-24 01:44:54 (UTC)


Dear diary,

Before I catch you up... I have to get something off my
chest... Something that is going on right now, and yes, I
wrote it in my diary in one that I have to type out... but
I feel that I have to write it first, for its what is going
on right now. I feel lost diary, empty and broken. My heart
is dead to me now it seems, I feel so tired from crying so
much, I do not mean to cry, but it hurts... I know they
know how bad it hurts, for they see me cry. I yelled at
them... it was their fault, they brought me into the fight
again. I am not going to just shut up and listen, I have a
voice too. They have no right to slaughter our names... I
know things are not that great with them right now, but
they should learn it's their fight, not ours. We are just
their children, still trying to grow up, and still trying
to learn. I am glad that my brothers were both gone this
time, they didn't need to hear what was said. I couldn't
even stay to listen, I had to go on the balcony and cry
there to myself. Speaking to Eve helped, but I couldn't
stay, I have to leave and go about hiding from my parents
and their words of pure hate. - I feel asleep to Kevins
song that he gave me. I don't really feel better, but I am
looking at things with a clearer head. I don't have the
energy to write right now, so I will catch up tomorrow.
p.s~ Amber, I hope that you are well.

-Amy -8:43PM

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