Autum's Leaves
2005-06-24 01:42:47 (UTC)

My Bra Is Too Small

It's all about support. A chick like me can't have a
flimsy little bra that only kinda works sometimes.

I expect the same kind of support from my friends.

The situatuion with my guy is driving me crazy. When
I'm with him, I have this fear, an uncontrollable desire
to break it off, to not get in any deeper...but when I'm
away from him, I can't quite thinking about him, I worry
I've done something wrong, he's not interested anymore,
I'll never see him again.

And to make my insecurities even worse, no one is
supporting me on this one except like...two of my friends.
After just having a quite pissy conversation with one of
my friends, I said..."I'm sorry, I'm just pissy because no
one is supporting me in this and I really need the support
to combat my commiment issues." All I got was a "Fine,

Some friends I have.

He's supposed to drive up here next week if he can find
a car. If he can't I'll just drive down there.

Maybe I'm just stubborn...maybe it's just genes, but
the last thing someone should do when they don't want me
to do something, is tell me I shouldn't. Either way, this
has made me even more defensive about him and now I have
the dangerous attitude of "I will do as I please."

*sigh* I just hope it dosen't blow up in my face.