Hollow Years
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2005-06-23 22:12:01 (UTC)

I wish i could be like a bird in the sky

Alton towers on sunday i cant wait :):) i think i am going
to wear my 3/4 length pants... beacause its going to be
well hot..

Dan hasnt been on the internet in a while :(:( Hmmmm

I went to caf tonight it was okay but i was feeling ill and
came home early..

Not done much today andru anna denise and helen came round
and watched a film..Tomorrow im going to andrus and
drinking and watching a film with denise anna helen danny
and sam then saturday i dont really know what im doing it
was meant ot be carl's party but he's not having it anymore
so i think i will just stay in and sleep so im wide awake
for sunday but then again i dont know.

Hmm simons asked me go watch dream theatre in london with
him and i would but its when im at college and i dont see
my mum letting me plus if i go i will only get all upset
and stuff soo theres no point..

Edward is playing some really wierd music :S he is a

I've got to be at the brocket at 6:45 on sunday i hope my
mum takes me or i am going ot be walking at 6.

I'm having a party :):):) i can't wait woooooohooooo lol it
was edwards idea lol

I went manchester the other day and bought 2 bags some
pants and a top :) cant wait for my holiday :) anyway


Song: Foo Fighters - Best of you
Mood: Ermmm could be better