life of a teenage drama filled life
2005-06-23 19:29:21 (UTC)

my life

So, yesterday was a pretty low energy day. I mean, I went
shopping for my senior picture clothes and everything, it
was fun. I am seriously at a loss, My head is telling me
one thing, and my heart is telling me another. My head
says, dont think that Aaron likes you, it would be too good
to be true, and you just need to give up, and my heart is
telling me that i am just afraid of getting what i want to
for once and that i need to keep going and not give up. I
have no idea what to do, i mean, i know everyone what
everyone tells me, and i know they are just trying to help
me, but sometimes you have to be a little scared dont you.
I have to go, i will write tonight....MAYBE