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2005-06-23 04:16:28 (UTC)


The title is Annette's cool way of saying the ABC's when
she was a little midget. How grand.

Hmm ok so like I promised...THIS IS THE STORY OF HOW JOHN
So after church one day John was riding his bike home. And
he was crossing the street. He figured it was safe to
because even though there was a bus just ahead it was
stopped. So la-dee-da he was crossing when all of a sudden
he noticed that the bus was moving and the bus driver
wasn't even looking so he didn't see John. And so John,
being the smart kid with incredibly fast reflexes, jumped
over his handle bars just before the bus smashed his bike
to pieces. So his bike was totaled only John was alive.
Yay John! The like 2 seconds after this all happens, his
family drives by. So he waves at them. And his dad who is
totally my hero waves back at him. So it was pretty much
a "Hey dad!" "Heya son!" wave. Honesly. I love you Trevor.
And then Dorothy (Trevors wife and Johns mother) realized
what happened and is totally freaking out. And that's
pretty much the end of my story. And poor Jacqui had to
walk home totally in tears because her brother almost got
killed. Poor John. He's my superhero teddy bear.

Ok so last night there apparently was the best
know that I'm a sucker for thunderstorms and rain. Man oh
man. I cannot belive I was so incredibly tired enough to
sleep right through a huge storm. How totally depressing.
It's like been the highlight of everybody's conversations
today. And of course me and Annette missed it. URHG.

So. Annette's alarm went off at like 9. But we were cool
and pretty much ignored it. Atleast I sure did. haha. Shut
up I TOLD you I was tired! So then we eventually did get
up (at like 9:45. haha!) and had showers and got dressed
and etc. Then me, Annette and Uncle Eric went to go meet
Tante Birgit at Ikea for breakfast. Because Tante Birgit
met somebody there for coffee earlier so then we just met
her there for breakfast because it's only like $1 and ITS
GOOD! I greatly looooooved the hashbrowns. Nummie!

Then after breakfast Tante Birgit drove me and Annette to
Scona (Annette's school) because Annette had to write her
Social test today. So that was actually pretty fun. I got
to see all of her friends again. And I got to see my
beloved KELSEY again! hehe. At first her school was tres
confusing but then after awhile I knew my way around. hehe
because unlike Kayla I have a good sense of direction.
Don't worry I still love you Kayla. So anyways. It was
kinda boring while everybody was in the gyms writing
exams. I sat on a bench in some part of the school (that I
later found out was actually off limits! ahem...) and
wrote Annette notes in her drama book with her extremely
cool pink pen, and then I wrote her a secret note on her
calculator and I listened to my mom's iPod and I attempted
to play hackey sack too. Then I realized I sucked and my
feet smelled so I stopped. haha mostly #1 there. Then I
wandered around the school aimlessly after hour number one
of the exam was up. So I walked, and walked in search of a
vending machine so I could get a chocolate bar or
something- only to find out that all the freaking vending
machines were behind these stupid doors that I wasn't
allowed to go through due to people writing exams. ERGH!
Oh wait. Mistake. All the vending machines BUT ONE were
behind those stupid doors. And the only vending machine
that wasn't behind those doors was for Gatorade which I
didn't want. So whoot to that. Then I sat outside for
awhile and wrote more in Annettes book and listened to
more of my moms iPod and then I got attacked by ants so I
went back inside to see if anybody I knew was done writing
the exam. Only no. But lots of other people were done and
milling about. So anyways then I walked back outside and
sat there. Then after more people were done the test I
went back inside because now I had to know atleast ONE
person who was done! And I found Jackie and Krista and
Michelle and Kelsey. So then me and Kelsey hung around and
Jordan (pink suit dude from grad- who totally needs a
haircut by the way) was there. And so the pink people were
reunited. Anyways haha Kelsey informed me that I walked
over their(OMG ANNETTE WHAT'S THE WORD!? The thing that
was on the floor and HUGE and impossible to NOT step on
but you weren't supposed to step on it or you'd get really
wierd looks) and you aren't supposed to but honestly what
a totally impractical place to put it! Right in front of
the front doors where EVERYBODY walks. Only they all walk
around it. Oh boy. But I stepped on it twice. Hehe. What a
rebel. But how dumb. So anyways. Then after like a million
minutes Annette was FINALLY done the test! lol. So then we
hung around the school a bit more and then we left. We
caught a school special to Southgate and we were there for
like 15 minutes. And then Tante Birgit phoned us and told
us to come home and also that I had to phone my mom and
dad. So I phoned my mother and SHE TOLD ME THAT A LADY
tried phoning Zellers only it was being dumb so I hung up.
Then I phoned my father who asked me if I wanted a ride
home because he was leaving work in like 10 minutes. And
since we were at Southgate I said no. So we waited for the
80 bus so we could get home and while we were waiting we
got Orange Juliuses because well we were thirsty/hungrey.
So that was grand. Then the bus came and we eventually got
to Annette's house. And then we went to the park and
played basketball, then we swang, then we layed ontop of
the little wooden house and that was fun. And then there
was pancakes for supper and after we ate we decided that
we wanted to watch some videos of when we were younger. We
wanted to find the one of us playing in the pool in her
backyard and me threatening to put my towel in the pool.
haha. Unfourtunately my dad came to get me before we found
it. But it was still a grand time. We gotta have more
sleepovers Annettie!!!

So then I came home. And my daddy wouldn't let me drive.
So I was disappointed about that. So anyways. I came home,
cleaned up my room kinda and then I was scrounging around
for food (I was tres sad that we didn't have popcorn since
I had a HUGE craving for it. So I ate chips instead, then
some maccaroni. Then my mom came home and had a McFlurry
for me.) and then I came on here. Because I'm bored. And
tired. And today was my lovers birthday. And I didn't even
make him a cake. How sad. He got a haircut last night. And
he looks tres adorable. HAPPY 4TH BIRTHDAY TUCKIE!!!

So that was pretty much my day. I'm really excited for
maybe getting a job at Zellers. I hope it happens!!! Haha
and atleast this time I'll have a voice for an interview
unlike my first ever interview last summer for Sirens (is
that what its called? hmm I think so... :S )! Oh boy.
Also I'm tres excited for youth tomorrow! YAY!!
And to add to all that excitement me, Kayla, Annette and
perhaps Melissa have a tanning date soon on Jacqui's
garage roof! What fun!!!
Oh and me and Annette decided that the Mexico Mission
people should have another lock-in. A reunion one. This
summer. Because that would be grand.

And as a downside to all that excitement- I still have to
decide what I'm gonna do about the weekend of July 8-10.
Soccer? Or youth? Man this sucks a great deal. *sigh*

Also I'm talking to Nicole Hanson on MSN right now. I miss
her soooo much! :( I haven't seen her in over a year. How
incredibly pathetic. I wish I could see her! If I get my
job at Zellers then maybe next year I can fly up to
California in the summer! That'd be extremely exciting!
OOOH!!! Hehe.

Oh! And my daddy might have found us a spot for vacation
this summer! A person at his work is renting out his time
share in Fairmont, BC for a week this summer so my dad
says we might go if they say we can take Tucker. So that
could be exciting.

Also Tuckers sick. I went upstairs to go get him so we
could cuddle down here for a bit but my mom said that he's
sick and I was like "huh?" So his nose is warm. Poor
little fur. I was like "Maybe this has something to do
with the bump on his head...?" and my mom said she was
gonna phone the vet about it tomorrow. So my poor little
fur! :( Anyways I'm gonna go talk to my people on msn. lol
Nicole agrees with me that Chelsea really doesn't know the
meaning of hypocrate because she uses it every time she's
in a fight with somebody. And the only time she was
actually right about somebody being a hypocrate was our
last fight when she bitched me out. And even then...
but whatever. So I'm happy that atleast Kayla, Katie,
Annette and now Nicole understand me and my side. And also
I have a new excitement. I MIGHT BEABLE TO SEE NICOLE IF
That would be extremely exciting. Especially if I get my
job. Then I could pay for it. And life would be grand. But
I should go now before I come up with something else to
type to add to this atrociously long entry. I'm just
horrible with typing out a million things. Whoops! lol

1 more week until Annette gets to go to BBR!! I'm so
excited for her...AND JEALOUS! lol

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