Technically Speaking...
2005-06-23 04:10:33 (UTC)


What a nightmare!!!

Happiness is an option? I really doubt that Neil, what
about Happines is a state of mind, which means, by
election, it IS an option, because I can then
be happy, or depressed, which btw...due to the serotonin not a choice but a genetically inherited
disfunction in the way ur nerve cells (aka
neurotransmiters) transmit neurons 2 one another.


What a shitty day, talk about a gray cloud
following...good is over! And no ammo close by!

With God's will: everything will be alright.

And please God...pleeeeaaaaseeee...I don't want to cry
anymore...I hate it!

It is not easy...don't give up now
It is not easy...Happiness is an option :)

"Nazi is the new N word"

Stop it!!! That's enough, no insults to anybody 2night or
ever again:)

Ciao Baby!!!