Autum's Leaves
2005-06-23 03:36:49 (UTC)

Bring Out The Handcuffs

Some quick notes and time for me to stall to think up a
good title.

1)Sassy, thank's SOOO much for the movie title. Fallen,
w/ Denzel, has the creepy singing of Time Is On My Side.
You get twenty points and an e-hug. *smiles*

2)I hate my tolit.

3)Mmmm...chinese food.

Okay, so getting on to my rambling. Handcuffs was a
little bit of a theme throughout the day today. The first
occurance, I got a new belly ring, dangly handcuffs (oh,
it's cute.)

The next was, of course, at my sub friends' house,
where a group of us played Ten Fingers...without the
booze. I was out negative ten. haha.

After that, I got pulled by one of the college cops up
here. I got a ticket for not wearing a seat
belt...*fumes*. I thought I was going to kill the guy when
he told me to have a nice day after handing me a ticket.

The last...Well, I got to see my guy again today.
*grins* Oh, that's right, it was fun. No sexin it up
though, my bc has to have time to go through my system
before I can have raw sex again. I'm technically a switch,
but mostly, I'm a sub in real world thinking. I like guys
to take control of me in bed, but in rare form I don't
mind to ride someone and tie them up. My guy just brings
out the dom in me...hardcore. *shivers* He's good at what
he does...and we're not going to get into anymore of that,
because I don't want to end up writing soft porn for a

*sigh* guy.

"Am I more than you bargained for yeah...I've been
dieing to tell you anything, you wanna hear cause that's
just who I am this week."
-Fall Out Boy