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2005-06-22 22:06:10 (UTC)

Thoughts about Quitting Smoking

From SilverRain on 7/17/2001 1:12:43 AM

how to quit:

dig way down inside and find the place that says,
no more
not ever
never again

and then just don't
no matter what

whether spouse/mom/kids/boss smoke or not
or if you gain 30 pounds (or more)
or lose every friend you ever had
or weep for hours/days/months
or that it hurts (sometimes very badly) for longer than is

no matter what

never met a quitster who said it was easy
(no it usually doesn't get easier in a few hours or even in
a week
or more ... but consider how long we smoked.
what if it didn't get "easy" until we'd been quit for as
long as we smoked?
anything shorter is a real gift. )

withdrawal from drugs is hard hard hard for most of us

does it go away?

when it does
(don't cheat. makes it hurt worse, longer)

use anything you need to quit
sick time
running away from home
a glorious retreat on a tropic isle
a big lock on your bedroom door
hourly trips to the junk food aisle

and don't forget the Q
live here for as long as you need to

and never never never believe your junkie side
when it whispers about smoking.
your junkie (mine too) is a liar and a killer.
don't go down the alley with her.

i never met anyone here who was glad they slipped.

find the deciding place
reach down in and promise yourself
and then come what may


you CAN do it.

all of us can.

(and don't forget the cheetoes!)


Thanks SilverRain for always being there. Your words still
help me. Thanks!

Never Question Your Decision To Quit