Date With Destiny
2005-06-22 21:59:12 (UTC)

Struggling with Smoking?

My 2 cents...
From elleka on 2/19/2004 12:11:12 PM

To those who may be struggling…

I simply have one thought for you to throw around.

Try and just *feel* how you are *feeling*.

There is a certain Zen to quitting. Don't expect it to be
easy, mindless or fun. Yes, it takes effort and there are
downright horrendous moments. So, suck it up and feel how
it feels to earn your quit. This may sound ruthless, but it
isn't intended to be. I'm just saying that you should try
developing some self righteousness around your quit.
Knowing that you broke one of the toughest habits (even for
a few days) should help propel you!
Change your mind frame and it won't be such hell, get
pissed at the habit and you won’t miss it so much. Be
better than smoking.
Have a happy smoke free day.

*stepping down from the podium*