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2005-06-22 17:07:29 (UTC)

Thirty Years!?

"honey, this is going to be the hardest year of your
life, as we are going to do the most aggressive treatments
in all forms to hopefully extend your life another 30 years
or more."

The more I think about what I’ve read, the more irritating
it is. Not simply irritating, but unbelievable as well. How
could an educated someone/anyone sit across from someone and
look them directly in the eyes, starting out with an
endearment no less, and lead into such a statement of intent
—based on what? How is it that this kind of scenario plays
out? How is it that one human being can say such a thing to
another human being when there is no basis of fact in the
‘hook’ included in their statement!? There should be a law.
Perhaps there is one, and no one wants to know it. No one
wants to deal with the reality of it. How can one tease
another with the hope of adding 30-years to their life when
there is no basis of fact; no statistical support; with
vague, illusive numbers of individuals serving as testimony?

How does one look into another’s eyes, the eyes of one who’s
body is become fertile ground for mutation nurtured with
fear, and make a statement filled with such hope —knowing
full well they cannot deliver! How can they not know that
they cannot deliver. What they do deliver, to their own
agenda, is one more, more than willing subject —who if they
knew the truth and weren’t running on fear and pain and
hopelessness, would never agree to such treatment.

Of course we have a strong desire to live, it’s basic
survival-instinct at its least; and we want to believe that
we (the human race) are advanced in medical situations such
as this... but the fact is —we (the human race) are not. Our
medicine, when it comes to cancer... well, once upon a time,
we used to resort to blood letting. What kind of reaction
does even the common man on the street have when asked about
bleeding as a cure for disease? One day, people will look
upon chemotherapy in much the same way... just wait, it’ll
happen that way, I just know it. Unfortunately, I won’t be
here to see it. We will be mocked! Once upon a time, we used
chemotherapy & radiation!

The same treatment has been used for what? 50-years now? And
with what results? I truly believe that when one is exposed
to the medical profession as patients with cancer, it is in
spite of, —not— because of the treatment that they survive,
if they survive!

The medical community is always talking about ‘quality of
life’; where is quality of life when one is being sliced,
diced, cut, chopped, stuck, stuffed, peeled, exposed, and
fed poison!? Every orifice being invaded and when all the
orifices used, create new ones. Losing hair, losing weight,
losing body parts, being nauseated, throwing up, blurry
vision, headaches, muscle loss and aches, damage to
otherwise healthy internal organs, losing appetites for
food, sex, community, friends, family, and ultimately,
—life. Where is the quality of life!? Why should our last
days be spent with hospitals and clinics and exacerbated
premature stages of illness and additional pain... as if the
ultimate pain closer to death is insufficient. Not to
mention the insane financial cost of all this!

Religion, I realize, isn’t in favor in many circles these
days, but I venture to say that the majority (there are
always exceptions) of people who die of cancer would be
better off staying as far away from the medical field as
possible, and running head-long toward the spiritual as fast
and completely as is humanly possible. And improving their
lifestyle by removing removable stresses and negativity from
their lives. And spend time discovering how to deal with the
unremovable stresses and turning them into positives... it
can be done. They could possibly have better luck with
attempting to heal the body in positive ways, with life
giving energy in the form of food and nourishment and
exercise —and prayer. There are statistics that show church
attendance and PRAYER WORKS!