Completely Incomplete

Letting Go Is All I've Held Onto
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2005-06-22 15:20:41 (UTC)

to josh from amber

Hey buddy. Looks like you're living it p in heaven now.
Say hi to Dem for me!
Hey Josh ... I knwo I've never told you this, but I love
you. It always ... just slipped my mind I guess.
So many opprotunities to say it .. so many chances I
had ... and I never.
But I'm going to do it now. And you can't stop me!
I miss you already Josh ... I miss you so much. I know you
can read this.
Look! I'm playing your favourite song! She Laughed At
Me ... By Driver. Ha, you only liked it, 'cause that guy
sounds like you.
God I miss you. Id give my own life just to bring you back.
Its not like we wont see each otehr again.
I love you, and if I believe enough Ill see you once I
die. Ill see an angel.
Josh ... Im sorry. Im sorry for everything. If I could
take back every little thing ... I would.
I miss you Joshy ... I miss you.
I love you so much.

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