my name is larissa

Larissa's Sucky Life
2005-06-22 13:28:28 (UTC)


Well I'm home alone again.I hope one of my bros comes here
so I won't be alone ALL DAY.I've made a decision to ask
Zach in person.I've thought alot about it and I think its
the right thing to do.For me.Right now its 9:17 in the
morning.Its summer now and thats early for
turns out that I didn't have to have the surgery.I'm so
glad.My plans for today if my bro doesn't end up coming
over here,are(their not in order either):go online,watch a
movie,sing on my karaoke to songs on Raise Your
Voice,watch Raise Your Voice(later on),umm go online again
(i'm online alot of the day),and uh I might dance some.My
plans if my bro DOES come here are pretty much the same
but I probably won't dance or sing while he is here.I
really only sing with or in front of my
I better go,I wanna call my bro at 10:00 to ask him to
come over.I'll be on later.

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