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2005-06-22 05:52:58 (UTC)


Ok so have you like noticed I ALWAYS seem to start my
entries with "ok." Whatever.

So today I slept in until like noon. The only reason I
dragged myself out of bed was because I heard somebody
coming in the backdoor and I thought it was my dad and I
was like "Crap he woke me up like 2 hours ago and I'm STILL
not out of bed!" So I hopped out of bed and pretended I had
been awake for awhile and it was only my mom...and she was
like "Wow. Did you just get up?" Geez way to see right
through me mother! Tssh. So anyways then I made myself some
KD for lunch and then after I ate I had a shower and got
ready for TANNING in the backyard. Because I'm just that
thrilling of a person. So I pretty much had a boring day. I
layed in the backyard and sweated bullets because it was
amazingly hot out today. Way to actually be a real "the
first day of summer" day. Yeah. So anyways. Since I was
cool and only used SPF 15 I got burnt. But only on my arms.
How wicked cool. Yes indeed. So anyways. Then I went and
got a towel from inside and then went back outside and
sprayed myself with the hose. Because who wants to go to
soccer already sweaty? haha. Then I went inside and got out
of my bathing shit (*ahem* suit. I just have problems...:D)
which was now wet and got into clothes that WEREN't wet.
(Man can you tell I'm tired and not really paying attention
to what I'm doing???) Haha. So anyways. My uncle just said
that half the day was gone because I slept for most of it.
How true. But it was a pretty darned boring day anyways so
its not like it mattered too much. Also if I woulda woken
up earlier I probably woulda gotten more burned. So
anyways. Hmmm...oh then I painted my toenails. I did it
outside too only it didn't dry properly and then when I
layed in the grass it got wrecked. What a waste of my life,
and of nailpolish. So anyways. After the toe painting mother made tacos for supper. AND IT WAS
REALLY DEPRESSING!!! Man oh man. Ok so the problem was that
DISGUSTING. BLECH! And to add to that dilemma THERE WAS NO
MILK IN THE HOUSE WHATSOEVER. How retarded. So being the
cool person I am...I got a spoon out of the drawer and I
ate my supper by scooping the taco meat out of the frying
pan and I put it in my mouth and I'd add cheese and a chunk
of lettuce and that's how I ate my supper. How awesome.

Oh and BEFORE supper me and Annette were talking on MSN and
we came up with a wicked awesome plan for tomorrow. So I'm

So after supper I packed for Annette's house (yes I'm there
right now and I'm sleeping over and I have to make this
really quick because we have to go to bed very soon and get
off the computer like NOW) and then Jacqui came over
because Annette and Jacqui were coming to my soccer game!

So then I got to my game. And Kayla was there!!! It was the
extremely important one against Rudland. It was pretty
intense. They really wanted the game so they played pretty
hard. For awhile the score was tied 1-1. But in the end we
kicked them. lol like 4-3. So it was close. Man were they
mad. So now this sucks because now I'm gonna have to choose
against Provincials with my team in Moronville, or the
Mountain trip with youth. And so this totally sucks because
those were the two things I was really looking forward to
this summer. Honestly what shitty planning.

So anyways after the game we dropped Jacqui off and then I
came here and then me and Annette went to a place to get
slurpees and stuff. So it was grand. And now were here and
we gotta go. So goodnight all. Luv ya.


p.s.- Tomorrow is Tuckies b-day!! I love my little 4-year
old fur!!!! :D:D:D:D:D

p.p.s.- John Sawchuck almost got KILLED by a bus! Wheew.
Amazing story which I will write about tomorrow because I

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