Withered Rose

...Ashes, ashes, they all fall DOWN...
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2005-06-22 02:31:16 (UTC)


Two yellow carnations
Sit on my desk today
Been there since February 14
Then they would have been considered lovely
Now I think not (not to others)
Shriveled, shrunken
Withering, darkening
Crippling, stiffening
Shifting ever so slightly
An inch or two at most left of water
In that clear textured vase
Why aren't they in the trash?
Why haven't I thrown them out?
Those are good questions
I don't know
Reminds me of something
Not sure what it is
Death has not come, in my opinion
They're still alive they're still alive
Somehow there is hope
There's some bit of life
Left in those two yellow carnations
Something represents there
Life left, death slows
It's not over
It's not over
It's not over
They're still alive
There must be hope.


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