2005-06-21 23:54:37 (UTC)

New Life

Wow,It has been way long since I worte and I have read all
my past writings.
God is a man that can work wonders.I have divirced and
have remarried to the most wonderful man in world.
Yes I have also been able to give all my love and more
to this man. Turns out that he had someone on the side,he
has never admitted to it but everything points to it and
when confronted the coward just remaine silent.Thats ok,I
am so happy now and my kids love there step dad. I guess
this is the man who was meant to be with me and my kids.
I do hold on sad part in all this for my husbands ex.She
loved him as much as I thought I loved my ex.I fell for
her pain knowing what she went through.Thank god they have
no kids.
Anyways,life is good,I love my hard working truck driver
husband more than he could ever imagine and he makes me
smile and one last thing.Thank you God for being there
then and now.
Have a Groovy day everyone...;)