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2005-06-21 21:03:55 (UTC)

let down agen an i dont no wot..

let down agen an i dont no wot 2 belive! its stupid an not
the nbigest of things but wen it agen an agen an agen it
starts 2 make u wunder wot the hell is rong wiv me!? dont
answer thatim sure i can cum up wiv enuf myself! i supose
i dont reli care that much that im leavin skol, i need a
new start! i dont wana let things get 2 me now! i try not
2! but its hard an mby leavein i dont av 2 c skool ppl
unles i wana! an i will hopefully make nu m8s an they wont
av 2 no bout anyfin in the past! onli i can tell them
things from the past so i can choose wot they no! if i end
u still feelin shit half way thru my 1st yr of the course
i can jus leave! i dont av 2 stay cos ther r places i can
trian while im at a nursary r sumit! i cant wait til im a
nanny! it will b gr8! i wont av 2 get on wiv ppl at work
apart from ther rents an ther is plenty of work so i can
move around! i wont av 2 stay anywher i dont wana b! i
dont wana lose touch wiv sum ppl from skool but uthers r
jus makein me fele worse an i jus gota ope this summer is
ok! i cudnt stand it if i had a shit summer! i dont no hu
im guan spend it wiv i gues zara an kelly mosty an shell
an hana 2 but i duno reli! im jus glad im glad im leavein!
an i jus got 2 worry bout how college is guna b if i get
it now! i beta no b bad! plz dontlet it b bad! the parania
reli is bk tho! grrr! lol it aint real paranioa that makes
ya wana run wen thers no1 ther but its jus like thinkin
the worst of everyfin wen its all fien but u dont c its
fine i gues! :S werd! well iv ranted enuf!

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