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2005-06-21 01:19:10 (UTC)

School's Out For The Summer!

Yay so today was the Bio exam. I think I definately should
have studied more. And that's about all I have to say
about that. We'll see what happens when I get my report
card. So now I'm done grade 11. Finito. Adios.

lol Only Math 30 Pure in summer school. Oh boy that could
suck. Early mornings. Tssh. Well if I pass it...THEN I CAN
homework...IN SUMMER? Ugh. haha I told my mother that I
don't believe in math homework so if I don't believe in it
it doesn't exist so I can't do it. Oh boy.

So today Kayla moved/is moving at this very moment into
her new house. I'm sure her day was way more interesting
and busier than mine. Actually it definately was. I got
home from the bio exam ate some food, read the last book
of the Sisterhood of The Travelling Pants series and then
I fell asleep till like quarter after 3. And ever since I
woke up I've felt like I'm gonna puke at any second. How
totally thrilling. And blechy. It definately sucks. Wow so
for once this is probably gonna be an extremely short
entry because I have nothing to write about really. Except
for maybe complain about how much my summer is gonna suck.
Now I'm kinda wishing I would have applied at BBR for like
2 weeks or something because it would be so much fun and I
don't get to go there at all this summer which sucks. So
I'm sad about that. Maybe I can go visit Annette for a
day. Maybe. If its allowed. That would be totally fun. I
love that place. Oooh my family is probably going to
Kokanee Creek Provincial Park again. lol After like 3-4
years of NOT going. That would be because of us going to
Mexico/Dominican Republic instead. Camping will be fun but
it'd be so much more funner if we took friends. My family
gets kinda boring after a while. Especially Michelle and
Danielle and if I wanna do something I get to do it by
myself. Whoot what great fun. Anyways. I'm looking forward
to sleeping in tomorrow. Then I gotta figure out something
to do for the rest of the day...


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