The Little Girl w/t a Big Story
2005-06-20 23:33:14 (UTC)

Roxins Soxins

I Rox ppls Sox!! My Band just did a live
performance....okay...fine.....we performed at the Tallent
Show. But it rilly is kinda cool..we have some fans...but
we dont plan on being famous..
O yea, and im still going out w/t jeremy. damn, he's
sooo fine!
And the dance was okay...(im talking bout from the last
entries just so u [or whoever u is] can catch up)-cuz i
haven't written in this for a damn fuck'n long time...
O yea, and he appologized about that whole liking me
straight after the make-over thing....he said he's always
liked me (for who i was)- he just didn't like-like me
before bcz well,...i didn't appeal...uhh..wuz d word he
used???- o yeah...*coughs*......"hott".
I do believe him though...cuz he liked me when we were
like...a lot younger..then he got kinda picky in his taste
in the opposite sex.
Omg..he made me a tag or tagg with our names on it in a
heart...3 eeeeek! it's so effin' cute! i love it. i love
him. i think i love my life. :)

this rox.

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