Life - so complicated
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2005-06-20 23:14:48 (UTC)

The past

Is it so wrong that I want to live in the past so much?
I've had a great day today, something which I never
thought I would have again. But tonight it all ended in
tears again - who invented tear ducts????
So tomorrow I'm driving up to Lancaster from Preston in
my dad's pick -up truck thing, I'm still only learning but
it's so much fun!
I've got bad sunburn again for the third time this
month and for the fist time since the end of April I spoke
to my older brother - who I'm surprisingly missing a hell
of a lot.
I'm missing Phil, I want all my old friends back (I
mean the ones from High School), I want to be able to
write poems again and actually have an amazing day that
ends in laughter not in tears. 2 weeks ago I had that
happiness then I went and ruined it all. IT'S ALL MY OWN
FAULT!! That's what makes it so hard to carry on - what
other bad decisions am I going to make in the future? I
certainly don't seem to be learning from my previous