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2005-06-20 18:50:38 (UTC)

Drivers Ed and Pouring Rain

Drivers Ed was boring especially the stupid video they
made us watch that was probably made in the 70's. I don't
know how I am gonna make it for 5 weeks sitting next to
Caitlin. She is way hyper than I am sometimes. We are
gonna be the two girls sittting in the back of the class
that talk all the time. BTW Cailtin's mom messed up what
Ms. Gardner told her. They need two more kids to meet the
minimum class requirements. But the class is on for now.
Tomorrow after class I am gonna go see if I can get my
permit. I can't wait. Then at 7PM I am gonna go run with
the XC people. Fun fun fun. This summer has the potential
to be very exciting. Rebecca says not to wear sweats
tomorrow. But the weather says its gonna pour. And I don't
have running shorts. I am just gonna wear my PE shoes
tomorrow. So that goes on my list of necessities. Shoes,
Shorts, Shampoo, Conditioner, amd a humongous water
bottle. LOL. Anywayz..

Thought of the Day:

I am never going to survive.

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