my name is larissa

Larissa's Sucky Life
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2005-06-20 15:07:02 (UTC)

home alone

Today i'm home alone till 6:00 p.m. i hate it.its so
boring.theres nothing to i'm actually listening to
Jack Johnson right now. i love his music and
songs.anyway,i hope that i can go to zach's house tomorrow
since my parents both work this whole week.i doubt it tho
cuz zach's mom works too and his dad doesn't but i still
probably couldn't cuz zach, his younger bro matt,his 2
older sisters sarah and rachel,rachel's boyfriend
jesse,and sarah's boyfriend ben,and zach's dad will all be
there.ben is my cousin too.i can be on all day today cuz i
have the cell phone so my mom can call me on that.well i

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