Fallen Angel with no Heart

An angel's life
2005-06-20 10:06:02 (UTC)

Stand By me- i like that song lol

Ive jut looked at my last entry, and god i myust have been
down, i made so many spelin mistake, i mean i said 'play'
instead of place, what a werid thing to do. I wonder what
i was thinking off. I got an exam today, french this
afternoon, and i dont give 2 fook's bout it. I cant b
assed wit it.
Jamie says he missed me, i hope he aint after one thing.
How come its soo hard to actually find sum1 who admires
like everything bout u, they way u style ur hair, the way
u dress, they way ur skin feels, ur smile, ur eyes, what
u think, how u think, how ur lips move en they speak. IM
going into o much depth bout it, cause thats all i reali
think of. I dnt understand how ppl cant realise that, how
they cant acknowledge that they just dnt knw what they are
surrounded by. Everything, everything can be talked bout,
in tsomany ways i find that proper amazing. I mean the
comnputer ur sitting on, to the way the keyboard is made,
u could talk bout how it never reali says what u want it
to say, tell stories bout all the stains it has on.. Its
just endless to b honest but no1 looks at stuff like that
anymore. I think we have become too moderne. To be honest
we are all guilty of it though arent we? I mean come on...
e think moderne, we dress moderne. We are born moderne.
I like to think that we stil live in the past, sumtimes
we know we shouldnt, but that doesnt mean that we cant
think bout it from time to time, but i guess it depends on
what urthinking bout, maybe bout past realitonshiops.. yea
thats a bad thing, but other stuff, like i dunno.. past
hoildays and the fun u had, friends, family memebers who
are no longer with us.
Thats a subject that is very touchy though, the
family /friends who arent with us anymore. Death. That
word is even a bit eerie i think.; Ive got to go, i need
to look at a website. Ill talk later. Prob tonight, ill
probs b a bit don, i mean i wanna go into town today, to
get a new notepad, all of mine are all full of i love.. so
and so. i want one that is just my thoughts and stuff, dnt
knw whether to share them though. Bye for now xxxxx

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