Autum's Leaves
2005-06-19 23:06:48 (UTC)

Time Is On My Side

" on my side...yes it is."

If anyone knows what that's from, not the song, but in
a movie, there's a guy that always sings it and it's
really creepy...*thinks* I'll remember it one day.

I have a doctor's appointment in the morning, so I
won't be able to sleep in, makes me sad.

Probably seeing Tony on Tuesday and Josh on Wednesday.
I'm already booked for the week. Geez.

Got my games back from the selfish, no-good, piece of
shit ex of mine. Happy not to have to see him, or talk to
him, or hear about him, ever again. *"Freedom! Freedom!
Oh, Freedom!"*

Excited to see the Guy, hope things go well. I'll get
my shot tomorrow and my piercing is doing great. It's
healing really well, and tomorrow I should probably stop
by the place I got it done and talk to the guy about it,
plus, he wanted a picture, so I told him I'd give him one.

Anyways, just catching up, must get back to living.

"Freedom! Freedom!"