whispers from a contemplAtiv soul
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2005-06-19 20:05:41 (UTC)

bAbi bOi u stAy on mY miNd

cant get enuff of this nu boi.las nite i spoke 2 him till
like 12 wuz las nite that he told me he liked
me.i onli axed cuz i wanted 2 make sure he wasnt trynna
play me,u kno like b talkin 2 me n sum1 i axed r u
feelin sum1 n he wuz like yea n i wuz tyte like who!n he
wuz like you n i took a deep breath n i wuz like oh.then b4
we got off of the fone i wuz like(jus 2 check)r u talkn 2
sum1?he wuz like yea.i wuz like oh do i know ha?he wuz like
yea so i wuz like oh she must b nice n he wuz like shes
betta than nice,shes great.i wuz blushin like crazi so i
sed oh that was realli nice of you 2 say.i wuz like im
talkin 2 sum1 n hes the best!i wuz jumpin of the walls las
nite cuz i wuz so happi.i cant believe he sed sumthin so
sweet like that.i realli hope he ends up axin me out
especialli since now i kno we feel the same way bout
eachother.we'll b 2gether 4 a while;i feel it n the hes got most of what i want...hes funni,caring(i
think n hope),mayb understanding well 4get it idk lol.we'll
c wat happens.i hope all goes well and also he goes 2
church!big hes not p.r but o well i guess but i
still gotz love 4 my puerto loves icecream
cake jus lke me!he knows how 2 cook but i dont.o well.i'll
c him 2morow if all goes i'll let ya know wat
happens then.4 rite now i hav 2 get readi 2 go out wit my
dad for daddi dai.xcitin! daddi dai 2 all
of the dads out there!im out.
)*(smOoches)*( _*_TynA_*_

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