Blood is not an issue
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2005-06-19 15:51:42 (UTC)

Six more days

Six days untill my mothers wedding and three when my
family starts arriving that is going to be fun having all
those people walking around and we have to clean the house
so everyone is happy...

And it is not a very easy job cleaning the house by
yourself because no one else will lift a finger and it is
getting really hard because when I am done with one thing
they going behind me and mess it up again...

The only bad thing about this wedding is I have to play
the wedding march and that is going to be really hard
because I don't do very well in front of people....

I am sitting at home bored but i should be cleaning but I
don't want to right now because I am taking a break....
Yesterday me and Delilah almost broke up because she was
talking to Heather and she said that she was breaking up
with her boyfreind and Delilah well are you going to go
back out with Kyle and then it went down hill because she
thinks I'll leave her which I won't. And it took me along
time to gain her back but now that I got her back you
think I am going to leave her well she has another thing
coming to her because I love her and plan on marrying
her!!!! And I hope that all other relatsionship last as
long as ours will and that they only marry once and not
have to be single parents and have to work their ass's off
to keep food on the table.... Me and Delilah have worked
out almost everyproblem that we have together and I think
everybody can help each other if they really wanted to...

I can't wait my car is almost here I can just see myself
driving it..... No more asking my mom to take me places
or can you pick someone up on your way home... I'll be
able to go where ever I want when I want...

Well that all I have today..

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