Cokepop for the Smartnessment
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2005-06-18 23:18:01 (UTC)

Mosquito Fur Coats

So yesterday morning was the Math exam. *ahem* really not
much to say on that topic. I didn't really finish. It was
pretty hard. But I'm pretty sure I got ATLEAST 47%. So
good news is that I'm gonna pass Pure Math 20.
After the exam Katie and Kayla went back to Katies to
study a bit for chem and I came home and printed off some
resumes, had lunch and a shower and then Katie, Kayla and
I walked to the mall. lol me and Kayla found these two
alcohol bottles (tequila maybe? hmmm...) and we were
kicking them around because the noise was just amusing and
then Katie got annoyed and went home. So we kept kicking
our bottles and walking to the mall because we figured
she'd come back and catch up to us. Then we got to the
mall and we still hadn't seen her so we phoned her and she
said she had a headache and didn't feel good so she was
gonna have a nap. So me and Kayla had a good time at the
mall. I handed in resume's to Please Mum, Ardene and
Zellers. I'm kinda hoping either Ardene or Zellers hires
me. Anyways. Then we spent like an hour in Zellers looking
at shoes and reading Fathers Day cards! Wow are we ever
cool! haha then we got hungry so we walked down to the
food court only we decided that we wanted Tim Horton's. So
we walked over to Tim's for lunch. Then we walked back to
the mall and bought a chocolate bar because we want to get
fat. Haha no but we had a chocolate craving that needed to
be fulfilled. Then we phoned Kayla's mom to come pick us
up an dwe met her in Zellers and then we walked down to
the Hobby shop to get something for Kayla's dad for
fathers day ONLY ITS GONE. And we didn't even notice the
other millions of times we walked past. Haha we're dumb.
Then Kayla's mom got something from Zellers and as she was
paying me and Kayla were looking at the stuff for sale by
the cash register and there was like stuff for tourists
and we were like "Who'd come to Zellers to buy a Sherwood
Park souvenier!?!?". And there was this "Mosquito Skinner"
and it was like a little pocket knife so you could skin
mosquito's and make a fur coat (haha) and this fridge
magnet that said something around the lines of "tourists
taste good" and there was a cute little plush mosquito and
Kayla was like "He looks just a little too happy for a
mosquito..." and I was like "Well I'd be happy too if I
hadn't been slapped yet." and we just kept going on and on
and having this insane conversation about mosquito's and
sucking blood and getting slapped and I could just hear
the lady behind us trying to hold her laughter in. And
then I turned around too look at the lady and she's trying
so hard not to laugh at me and Kayla's conversation and
then Kayla turns to look at her too and the three of us
just burst out laughing. It was so incredibly funny. Then
the lady was like "I tried so hard to stop listening after
you said 'Well I'd be happy too if I hadn't been slapped
yet...' but then it was just getting too funny!" Man oh
man good times in Zellers. So in a way I sorta completed
one of my summer start contagious laughter.
Well I took part in starting spontanious laughter (kinda
like spontanious combustion), so I think that counts. I'll
see how many times I can do it over the whole summer
though. But wow completing a goal on the FIRST day of my
summer. Wheew.
After Zellers we went to Katie's to get Kayla's school
stuff she'd left over there after the exam and then Katie
joined us on running around with Kayla's mom. I don't even
remember where all we went. Registry on Wye...WalMart.
Then eventually we ended up at Kayla's house because we
told her we'd help her pack up her room because she's
moving to her new house on Monday. So we did that for a
while then we were incredibly hungry so Kayla's mom took
us out for dinner at Swiss Chalet. We're all so cool we
got salads. Haha but I got fries too that we all shared.
We have the most stupidest conversations too! We were
talking about some teachers horrible underwear lines and
how she wears too tight underwear and so many other stupid
things I can't even remember them all. It was definately
fun only I had a headache and felt like I was gonna puke
so that sorta sucked. Then Kayla got a crepe for dessert
and Katie got chocolate cheese cake stuff and I got this
yummie chocolate cake. It was tres magnifique. Then after
supper we stopped by my house and Katies so we could get
our sleepover stuff and then we went to Blockbuster to see
if there were any good movies and we rented "The Art of
Parking" because it sounded dumb while Kayla's mom went to
Sobeys to get milk and stuff. When we got back to Kayla's
we did some more packing then we watched "Thirteen" in her
dad's den. At first we were trying to watch "The Art Of
Parking" only the sound wasn't working properly so we
thought it was broken, so we put "Thirteen" in and it
still wasn't working and then we were trying to fix it and
I ended up being the one who fixed it. lol. Then after
that we went into Kayla's room and shoved boxes and crap
off her bed so we could sleep. Kayla and Katie slept in
Kayla's bed and I slept in her empty walk-in closet. I
couldn't sleep on the bed because Kayla has a cat that
sheds like mad all over her bed and since I'm allergic to
cats I'd get all stuffed up and there was like no empty
floor in her room. Haha. The closet was actually pretty
comfy and I fell asleep first because I was incredibly
tired. Apparently Katie and Kayla stayed up till 4am
talking. haha. I got more sleep then them!
Then this morning we woke up and had sugarless frootloops
(blech) and salt and vinegar chips for breakfast and then
we were doing some more packing and then my mother came to
pick me up so we could go shopping for a Fathers Day
present for my daddy but she'd already bought him
something. So we stopped by Tim's and got donuts and gift
certificates (I think for my Grandpa for Fathers Day) and
came home. Then I did nothing. I watched TV, ate, Read and
came on here. Oooh ahh. Mich, my dad and my mom left for
St. Albert for Michelle's soccer tournament a while ago. I
should go have a shower because I have to go up to Rogers
sometime soon to return Thirteen so the nice lady who
rented it for me and Kayla last weekend won't have late
fees on her card. Because that would totally be mean after
she was so nice to us. So I'm gonna go get clean. Later
y'all. haha and I should do some studying for Bio too. tee

Peace out,